Do you need to make a big splash quickly?

If the answer is "yes," then you need to sponsor a #gno Twitter party. Mom It Forward's #gno (Girls’ Night Out) Twitter parties are online chats where women (bloggers and other people on Twitter) come together and engage with the sponsoring brand, meet and follow new online friends, and exchange tips and links. These parties are for women who enjoy a night out where they chitchat with other

women around the globe right from the comfort of their own homes.

Mom It Forward's #gno Twitter parties give women a wonderful, virtual gathering place and allows Mom It Forward the opportunity to choose monthly themes and weekly topics and bring on guest panelists and sponsors to focus on strengthening and supporting women individually, as moms and influencers, and in their quest to make a difference.

Mom It Forward works with brands that align with the Mom It Forward mission. Brands add tremendous value to the Mom It Forward community and #gno parties. They are invited to sponsor and join the weekly #gno parties by providing expert panelists that can share knowledge and tips on the week’s #gno topic.

The Mom It Forward #gno Twitter parties are a great way for brands to gain immediate exposure, gain new followers, share product information and campaign information, promote products, chat with consumers, and gain insight.


#gno Twitter Parties:

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Examples of Past #gno Twitter Party Sponsors:

Avocados from Mexico Blog Tour Campaign + Database Blitz + Twitter Party
Avocados from Mexico collaborated with Mom It Forward to raise awareness about healthy living and enjoying an active lifestlye. A blog tour, social media blitz and a Twitter party was done for the campaign - with a Super Bowl theme. The posts, updates on social media and the discussion during the Twitter party contributed to the success of the campaign. 


Avocados from Mexico 2015 The Big Game Campaign:
As the excitement for football season is up, Mom It Forward teamed up with Avocados From Mexico to provide sports fans a healthy and delicious meal for the Big Game. The bloggers who participated in the Blog Tour, Facebook Blitz, and Twitter Party campaign had a total reach of 771,053 reach across social media platforms.

Avocados from Mexico 2017 Big Game Twitter Parties:

Avocados From Mexico is back for this year's BIG GAME to unveil the secrets of avocados. For the past two years, and with the help of Mom It Forward network, Avocados From Mexico Big Game digital campaign has been recognised as the top 2 by the industry.  The campaign drove an overwhelming 1,113,519,908 twitter impressions.


ConAgra Blog Tour Campaign + Twitter Party:


To celebrate the "Hibernation Season" from January until March, ConAgra and Mom It Forward collborated for a blog tour and a Twitter party. The blog posts for this campaign reached a massive 9,262,428 readers.


Gallo Family Vineyards - Moscato Day Blog Tour Campaign:
To celebrate National Moscato Day, Gallo Family Vineyards and Winery wanted to raise awareness of the event and encourage readers to try their Moscato varieties. Twenty bloggers participated in the blog tour and Twitter party - contributing to the success of the campaign. 

TruMoo Twitter Party:

Just in time for the Winter, TruMoo introduced their limited edition Chocolate  Marshmallow milk drink. Serve and drink hot or cold for everyone in the family! The Twitter party for the brand was a huge success. 










American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Twitter Party:
Mom It Forward partnered with AADSM to discuss with a panel of experts on matters involving dental health and snoring and sleep apnea. Two twitter parties were held to discuss separately the two topics. Instead of suffering with a scary snore and in order to prevent sleep apnea, make appointment with a dentist today. 



SkinMedica Twitter Parties:
Transitioning from summer to fall and into harsh winter isn't only about pulling out the winter clothing but also about customizing skincare routine to meet the season changes. Mom It Forward partnered with SkinMedica to give its consumers the proper skin care they need. The twitter blast gathered 212 participants which produced 1,423 tweets and 17,405,346 impressions. 


Udi Gluten Free Twitter Party:
What is your favorite healthy hack for summer? Are you looking to make yourself healthier and reduce gluten in your diet? Mom It Forward partnered with Udi to give everyone a healthy hack without making a sacrifice. A twitter party was held last June 17, 2014 to chat about healthy hacks with Udi's Gluten Free products. 







Cool Sculpting Twitter Party and Blog Tour:
To promote a healthy well-being along with being comfortable and confident body, Mom It Forward Media partnered with CoolSculpting for an amazing concept to celebrate getting rid of stubborn fat and embracing your body. 

Visine 2016 Blog Tour Campaign + Twitter Party:

In a recent national survey conducted with the Tribeca Film Festival, 1 in 3 binge-watchers (37%) say their eyes frequently get dry or irritated when they binge-watch. With this, Mom It Forward and Visine collaborated for a massive #ScreenOn campaign to generate online buzz about the social benefits of screen time. 

Animal Jam Twitter Party Campaign:


Animal Jam and Mom It Forward collborated to promote the online game, and its educational element. The brand promoted through a series of campaigns including a live event, a #gno Twitter party and a Family Forward sponsorship. Social media promotions while at the event location and discussions from the Twitter party were all huge contributing factors to the success of this campaign.







Downy Blog Tour + Twitter Party Campaign:

Downy collaborated with Mom It Forward to promote their Sweet Dreams Collection and tied it up with an interesting theme. The overall review of the products was positive and social media highlighted these amazing features for further promotions. 

Grass Seed-USA Blog Tour + Twitter Party Campaign:

Grass is always greener on your side! A blog tour and twitter party were held on August and September of 2016 respectively to educate and inform consumers on the importance of growing and maintaining healthy a turf. 


Regions Bank 2017 Twitter Party:

Did your savings and finances go as planned in 2016? Mom It Forward and Regions Bank teamed up to disseminate the knowledge about preparing and managing finances so that all of us can walk the road to financial success.  489 participants joined in this campaign and generated a massive 58,468,384 impressions on Twitter.

KRE-O Transformers Blog Tour + Twitter Party:
Hasbro and Mom It Forward collaborated to promote the KRE-O Transformers products through a blog tour and a Twitter party. It was a fun campaign and commenced with a handful of happy kids on Christmas day. 




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