The Mom Next Door

How & Why Moms Make Recommendations

It’s no secret that moms turn to other moms for recommendations for just about everything. Cracking that word-of-mouth – or word-of-mom – code is the holy grail for brands today. But who’s more influential? The Facebook mom or the mom chatting up other moms at school drop-off? Is there a difference in the conversations moms have online and in-person, both in terms of what they share and how what they share is received by other moms?

360PR and Mom It Forward, two longtime leaders in engaging moms on behalf of a host of brands, created The Mom Next Door study to help brands better understand and calibrate their approach to fueling mom recommendations. The multi-faceted study included a blend of quantitative research (a web-based survey) and live and online events, interacting with moms in the range of ways moms interact with each other. In all, we talked to more than 1,000 US moms with kids ages 0-12.

Mom Next Door Study Highlights:

  • 93% of moms are influenced to some extent by other moms’ recommendations.
  • 50% of moms make recommendations about brands daily or weekly and another 21% make brand recommendations at least monthly.
  • In-person is the most frequent form of recommendations and in-person recommendations are viewed as more trustworthy, even by social-savvy Gen Y moms.
  • Social media is most significant for Gen Y moms of children ages 0-3, who report using social media for more than two hours each day and are paving the way on newer platforms like Pinterest.
  • 77% of all moms we surveyed follow one or more brands on social media.

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