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We love partnering with toy brands in a variety of ways in order to help increase awareness about the products. We welcome the opportunity to help get your products in the hands of social media influencers in order to have them spread the word.


Ambassador programs, blog tours, in-home or in-store live events, and Twitter parties are just some of the ways that we can partner with you. Learn more about our past partnerships and how we collaborated to generate excitement about the products/services, as well as to increase awareness:


KRE-O Transformers Blog Tour + Twitter Party:


Hasbro and Mom It Forward collaborated to promote the KRE-O Transformers products through a blog tour and a Twitter party. It was a fun campaign and commenced with a handful of happy kids on Christmas day. Click here to learn more about the campaign


MARVEL Blog Tour:


There's nothing quite like getting a toy product in the hands of kids. Through this partnership, 50 bloggers participated in a review blog tour. The photos of the kids playing with the product were priceless and added to the success of the campaign. Click here to learn more about the campaign.


Sago Mini Blog Tour:


Mom It Forward Media partnered with Sago Mini plush toys by having bloggers from the Mom It Forward Blogger Network participate in a Blitz contest via Instagram. Click here to learn more about the campaign.





Do you represent a toy brand? If so, why not get the toy in the hands of a social media influencer's child? This campaign did just that. Bloggers from across the country received the toy and captured the joy and happiness that the toy brought out in their child. Through blog posts, photos, and social media promotions, the buzz for this campaign and product was incredible. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 


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