How did Mom It Forward Media partner with T-Mobile?​



Mom It Forward partnered with T-Mobile by enlisting the help of 23 bloggers who hosted in-store, product-sampling events with 463 social media influencer attendees in 18 markets. In addition to all of the buzz generated from the blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, etc., we learned that attendees from the events were so impressed with T-Mobile products and services that they bought products and even switched carriers.




Mom It Forward Media partnered with T-Mobile on two separate campaigns that were based off of the same model. The whole premise of the campaigns was to have bloggers write two posts (one of which included a giveaway) about the product and campaign, as well as host an in-store live event at a local T-Mobile store. Both of the campaigns were aimed at getting the product in the hands of not only the bloggers but also the hands of at least 15 social media influencers who were in attendance at each event. 




The first campaign happened during the fall/winter months of 2011 and the second campaign happened during the spring/summer months of 2012. The first campaign invovled the help of 12 bloggers and the second campaign included 11 bloggers from across the country.  


During the live events, the bloggers and their guests  learned about the products thanks to an incredible hands-on exprience, played games to encourage networking and product education, and provided updates via various social media platforms using a campaign hashtag.




Why did T-Mobile decide to run a second campaign? For starters, they found the first campaign to be incredibly successful. In fact, they were so pleased with the results that they couldn't wait to launch a second phase that was exactly like the first phase.


Phase 1 Results: 


  • Number of Live Events: 12

  • Number of Blog Posts: 24

  • Number of Giveway Entries: 1,304

  • Number of Event Attendees: 212


Phase 2 Results:


  • Number of Live Events: 11

  • Number of Blog Posts: 22

  • Number of Giveaway Entries: 2373

  • Number of Event Attendees: 251


Blog Post Samples:


Click on the images to visit the sponsored blog posts:














Do you want to partner with us?


Is this program of interest to you? We would love to learn more about your brand's goals and help create ways to get your products in the hands of social media influencers. Please contact us so that we can brainstorm and put plans into place.





T-Mobile Case Study

"It was a great experience for me. I can't say enough positive things about Mom It Forward and the T-Mobile event team. Thanks for bringing me in and letting me work with you!"

- San Antonio Live Event Blogger

"It was a fun campaign. I loved having the fun activities that Brandie planned. I am not usually a fan of games at events, but they went over SO well and I think really made the event a great deal of fun. I also appreciated (as did the attendees) that T-Mobile did not over-sell and there was a great balance of "sell", experience, and mingling."

- Seattle Live Event Blogger


"I loved doing it and I hope to do more! I love working with T-Mobile and I love working with Mom It Forward."

- Chicago Live Event Blogger

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