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We're always working with a variety of brands in order to help spread the word about their products and services. Do you want to get the word out about your product or service? We'll listen to your goals and then craft a game plan that will help achieve your goals in a budget-friendly way. Blog tours, live events, database blitzes, #gno Twitter parties, contests, surveys ... the possibilities are endless and we're here to help.   

Shutterfly Live Events

Leading up to the 2012 holiday season, Mom It Forward partnered with Shutterfly to help spread the word about their super cute and festive holiday cards. From the Mom It Forward Bloggger Network, 10 bloggers hosted dinners at a restaurant of their choice and treated 10 of their social media friends.

The bloggers published posts (with a giveaway component) which was a great way to share information about the products. During the dinners, all of the attendees tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagrammed about the products and event. The attendees were also given the opportunity to write a blog post about the product and host a giveaway. More than 60 blog posts were published as part of this incredibly successful campaign.

McCormick Blog Tour and #gno Twitter Party

In celebration of McCormick's Turkey Gravy Mix, we enlisted the help of 50 bloggers within the Mom It Forward Blogger Network to receive the product, review the turkey gravy mix, and publish one blog post about the product that included a giveaway.

The bloggers did a great job of creating recipes, photographing their recipes, sharing stories and memories about gravy during the holidays, and making their posts genuine and unique.

To further spread the word about the product, we also hosted a #gno Twitter party. Combining a blog tour (with a giveaway component) with a #gno Twitter party increased product awareness on all levels and helped to spread the word about McCormick's delicious product.

KRE-O Transformers Blog Tour and Database Blitz 

What little boy doesn't love KRE-O Transformers? Knowing that we had a ton of bloggers in our Blogger Network who have young boys at home, partnering with KRE-O Transformers on a blog tour and database blitz was the perfect combo.

As part of this campaign, 50 bloggers received the product and then published their review on the product. The best part about this campaign is that the bloggers went above and beyond their requirements. Some bloggers went so far as to take a video of their little boys opening the KRE-O Transformers delivery box. The look on their faces and the excitement in the videos was priceless. This campaign really helped to spread the word about this product leading up to the holidays. 

NetZero Blog Tour and Database Blitz

NetZero really wanted to get the word out about their 4G devices. That's where we stepped in to help...thanks to the amazing bloggers in the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. There were 10 core bloggers on the blog tour portion of the campaign who received the product, reviewed the device, and published a post about the product (including a giveaway component).

Since this campaign's goal was to get high impressions, we created an eBlast and invited everyone from our database to opt-in to participate in a blog tour (in addition to the 10 core bloggers) . As a result, more than 150 blog posts (with giveaways) went live. We also hosted a #gno Twitter party as part of this campaign. Let's just say that the number of impressions were unreal.