Live Events (in-home):

Do you want the bloggers to have a hands-on experience?

If the answer is "yes," then a live event campaign should also be your answer. What is a live event campaign? Simply put, this type of campaign is a great way to get your product in the hands of influential people in social media. 

Whether you want to have the live event in a store, at a restaurant, or at a blogger's home, the blogger will be a hostess with the mostest. She will write a blog post to get the word out about your product, plan the event, invite people within social media to attend the event, host the event, and then continue to spread the word about the product through blog posts and social media.

The best part about live events is that it gets bloggers' hands off the keyboard and onto the product. What does that do? Well, in a world of instant gratification, this is the best form of word of mouth marketing. Plus, since the bloggers are so connected, they can't help but share their love of the product throughout their social media accounts.

Live events leave the bloggers and their guests feeling more connected (and more in love) with the product, brand, or service. They are a great way to get people talking about your product and to keep them talking about the product. 



Examples of Past Live Event Campaigns:

DOLE Banana Dippers Live Event Campaign:
Mom It Forward reached out to 17 bloggers to participate in this event. Each of these bloggers hosted an in-home event and got together with friends for taste testing. Guests enjoyed the products and even those who did not know of the product prior to the event -  turned into huge fans of the sweet dessert. 


Dr. Oekter In-Home Live Event Campaign:

Mom It Forward was able to line up eight bloggers in the New England area to participate in an in-home event campaign. The bloggers were required to invite friends over for a Dr. Oekter-sponsored party where people would be given the chance to taste test the product. Blog posts and social media activity only helped to amplify the campaign and its results. 


Honey Bunches of Oats Live Event Campaign: 


Bloggers, Cereal, laugs, and dancing - all combined to celebrate the Honey Bunches of Oats Smile While You Shake It Campaign. 22 bloggers hosted a 2-hour event at their homes to raise awareness for Honey Bunches of Oats sweeptakes. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 


Ovaltine Live Event & Blog Tour Campaign:
This campaign with Ovaltine gave 24 bloggers the privilege of hosting an "Awesome Wholesome Backyard Party" together with friends and their families. On top of the fun event, the brand also donated funds to kids' camps! 

Snapfish Live Event and Blog Tour Campaign:
Snapfish's "Your Creative Lens on Life" targets to create a party fun and a lasting memory of a special event or milestone celebration, create a party photo booth and book in this holiday season. 


Tiny Prints Live Event Campaign:

When it comes to cards, a great way to have people see the amazing quality is to get them together during a live event and have a hands-on experience with the product. This campaign did just that. Five bloggers across the country hosted a live event and invited nine of their blogger friends to attend. The campaign resulted in blog posts, social media buzz, great times, fond memories, and loyal Tiny Prints customers. 


Shutterfly Winter 2012 Live Event Campaign:
Holidays are about savoring moments that matter most. Mom It Forward teamed up with Shutterfly to ensure that all the best memories will be documented. The campaign is in support of the products and services that Shutterfly are promoting during the upcoming holiday season.

Pepcid Live Event Campaign:
Two bloggers hosted dinner parties/ live events with family and friends. During the event, the product was promoted and weaved in the conversation as an effective heartburn relief product. Both parties were successfully carried out. 








AWHONN 2016 Blog Tour + Live Event Campaign:

1 in 3 families in America don't have enough diapers to keep their babies clean, dry and healthy. With this, Mom It Forward teamed up with AWHONN (Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses) to drive awareness of this pressing issue of diaper need. And that together, we can wipe out diaper need! 

Nestle + Reading is Fundamental:
The Nestle Family and Reading is Fundamental (RIF) organization partnered with Mom It Forward for live events to promote and encourage young kids to read and appreciate books. The campaign was a success and made a positive contribution to their respective communities.


OfficeMax Live Events & Blog Tour Campaign:
Together with OfficeMax, Mom it Forward bloggers hosted a series of live events, Twitter parties, and represented themselves at the Type-A Parent blogging conference with the ultimate goal of educating parents about the issue on teacher's out-of-pocket spending. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 

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