Hyper-local Campaigns:

Do you need to engage in a hyper-local campaign?

If the answer is "yes," then we would love to chat and brainstorm with you. Mom It Forward has partnered with a number of authentic and compelling brands for tons of unique campaigns to raise awareness to their products and services.

Whether you need to raise awareness for a certain cause, or targeting to build relationships with potential customers at the local level/communities, the best solution we could offer is to make use of a hyper-local marketing strategy. It's all about seeing the advantage of reaching out to the local community, and encouraging them to show their support. 


If you think this is something that you want to consider, we would love to chat more with you about this type of service. 





Examples of Past Hyper-local Campaigns:

Libbys + Habitat for Humanity (Home Building Events):
The campaign with Habitat for Humanity and Libby's took a more hands-on approach. The bloggers themselves took part in the home building and shared their experiences through blog posts. Participants found it remarkable to participate in such an important project for the community. 

#MilkDrive Live Event
Mom It Forward bloggers took part in "the Great American Milk Drive event at their respective local communities. Together with other bloggers, participants, representatives from Feeding America and the Milk council, the entire group turned the event into a massive campaign to raise awareness and address the milk shortage in the United States. 

Canyon View Farms Cheese Making Workshop Campaign:

Mom It Forward partnered with Canyon View Farms to tour the bloggers in the dairy farm. The bloggers got the chance to feed the cows and learn the process in producing the farm's famed milk and cheese. Plus, the bloggers were taught how to make mozzarella cheese! 


Pear Blog Tour Campaign:


For school groups and organizations, the ultimate problem is usually the funding. The answer to this? Pear. Mom It Forward partnered with Pear and asked bloggers to spread the word about the service, and how it makes sponsorship for custom apparel or donations easy.

Do you want to sponsor a Hyper-local Campaign? 
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