Do you need to engage in an intensive media campaign?

If the answer is "yes," then we would love to chat and brainstorm with you. Mom It Forward has partnered with so many brands and collaborated for tons of unique campaigns to raise awareness to their products and services.

Mom It Forward has done a number of campaigns where Facebook is the main social media platform used. All you need to do is give us specific requirements and we'll take it from there. We will scout for appropriate participants and layout a plan for you. We discuss every step of the process with you until the campaign commences. 


If you think this is something that you want to consider, we would love to chat more with you about this type of service. 





Facebook Campaigns:

Do you want to sponsor a Facebook Campaign? 
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Examples of Past Facebook Campaigns:

Avocados from Mexico 2015 The Big Game Campaign + Facebook Blitz:
As the excitement for football season is up, Mom It Forward teamed up with Avocados From Mexico to provide sports fans a healthy and delicious meal for the Big Game. The bloggers who participated in the Blog Tour, Facebook Blitz, and Twitter Party campaign had a total reach of 771,053 reach across social media platforms.


Avocados from Mexico 2016 Blog Tour Campaign + Facebook Blitz + Video Campaign + Twitter Party
To give the public a nutritious and delicious game day meals, Mom It Forward partnered with Avocados From Mexico by enlisting the help of several bloggers to participate in the blog tour, pre-party social media promotion, a Facebook blitz, a video campaign and a Twitter party. The successful campaign generated a massive total of 384,199,382 impressions. 










Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Blog Tour + Facebook Promotion:
Arm & Hammer had two main goals in mind when they signed up for the campaign: to encourage kids to brush longer, and promote their Tooth Tunes toothbrush, featuring the popular band, One Direction. In a span of four months, 124 blog posts were published for this campaign.  






Crayola Color Wonder 2016 Blog Tour + Instagram Blitz + Facebook Blitz:

Life can be messy, but it doesn't have to be! Mom It Forward collaborated with Crayola for a blog tour, Instagram Blitz and Facebook Blitz campaign to drive online buzz about the mess free Crayola Color Wonder.  The influencers collectively gathered a massive 1,777,485 UVMs per Google Analytics and a reach of 7,871,094 reach across social media platforms. Click here to learn more about the campaign.


FOX Sports 2015 Blog Tour + Facebook Blitz:
Every victory has its own story of sacrifices. Mom It Forward partnered with FOX Sports to honor the dedicated and hardworking ladies of the US Soccer Team by reuniting them with their moms in a heartwarming Mother's Day celebration. The bloggers who participated in the campaign had a total of 2,389,116 UVMs per Google Analytics and a reach of 5,809,064 reach across social media platforms. 

Baskin-Robbins Star Wars Cake Blog Tour + Facebook Blitz: 


May the force be with you! Channeling our dark side and celebrating the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Baskin-Robbins introduced the Darth Vader and the Force Awaken cake.




Alexia Facebook Blitz Campaign 


A total of 76 bloggers were enlisted for the campaign. Their goal? To generate massive media buzz about the brand's all-natural products. The campaign was a tremendous success after it reached more than 3 million Facebook reach. 











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