Conference/Retreat Sponsorships:

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Mom It Forward is all about giving families opportunities to bond and have fun together. From workshops and retreats to conferences - we can make it happen. Spend a day or two with your family and create memories. Because if there is one thing we are definite about - it's that nothing beats "real" and hands-on experience. 


If you think this is something that you want to consider, we would love to chat more with you about this type of service. 





Examples of Past Conference/Retreat Sponsors:

Barilla (Share The Table) Live Event:
Barilla sponsored a Family Forward event and  took 77 families to bond and have fun at the Universal Studios in Orlando. The event was a 4-day retreat for families that featured a series of workshops including preparing pasta as a family while understanding the value of having meals together - as a family. 


CMN Hospitals Blog Tour Campaign:
Mom It Forward collaborated with CMN Hospitals for a summer event that none of the attendees will ever forget. Aside from the adventure rides at the Universal Orlando, the event also gave the participants the chance to bond with their families and fellow bloggers and at the same time had the chance to give back to the community. The sucessful event gathered a massive total of 183,869,130 social media impressions. 
Doh Vinci Live Event:
Hasbro's Doh Vinci was one of the sponsors at THE Family Forward event in 2014 at the Universial Studios in Orlando. Participants, together with their kids took part in a hands-on workshop with the toy brand to explore and get creative together. The attendees loved the product and how their kids can be involved in the activity. 

Johnson & Johnson Conference Sponsorship:
Text4baby, is a campaign sponsored by Johnson & Johnson to promote a free mobile health service that helps pregnant women and new moms connect with the care they need. Under the new service, mothers-to-be will receive weekly text messages regarding their child's nutrition, immunization, birth defect prevention, among others. The messages will continue through the baby's first birthday. 
New Balance Conference Sponsorship:
New Balance launched its new campaign which highlights the people who are making excellent happen. Let's Make Excellent Happen was felt during the 2011 evo Conference wich was participated by bloggers, business people and social media junkies. Attendees were able to bring home a new pair of New Balance shoes to encourage fitness at their own homes.

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