Do you want bloggers to write about your product?

If the answer is "yes," then having a blog tour is a great route for success. Whether you want five bloggers or hundreds of bloggers, we will work with you to create a game plan. As soon as all of the details are squared away, we'll draft a contract, create a project schedule, and supply you with blogger research so that you can ensure that the right bloggers are part of the campaign.

Once the bloggers have been approved, we'll create a communication plan to ensure that the bloggers have all of the campaign information and images that they need in order to fulfill their requirements. We will manage all of the communication with the bloggers, visit the blog posts to make sure that all of the posts include the correct information, collect giveaway winners' shipping information (if applicable), send the bloggers a survey at the end of every campaign to collect all sorts of campaign information and details, and keep you updated on all of the communication with the master project schedule. Our main goal will be to keep you and the bloggers happy.

We would love to share pricing information on this site but, since every blog tour is unique in its own way, we would love to listen to your goals, brainstorm with you, and develop a blog tour that will help you achieve success.






Blog Tours:

Examples of Past Blog Tour Campaigns:

Sol Alpaca Blog Tour Campaign:


Just in time for Winter, Sol Alpaca began its campaign to spread the word about their new online store that has some of their finest Peruvian-quality textile products. Blog posts for this campaign featured #FeelWarmer stories and moments from the participants.


VSP Vision Care Insurance Blog Tour:


Wondering how you can take care of your vision and help a child in need of vision care? Mom It Forward partnered with VSP Vision Care on three blog tour campaigns throughout 2015. As part of the #EyeGiveBack campaign, when people purchased a vision insurance plan as a gift through December 31, 2015, VSP donated an eye exam and a pair of glasses to a child in need, up to a total retail value of over $100,000.

RISE 2016 Blog Tour Campaign:

Mom It Forward partnered with RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) by enlisting the help of 11 bloggers to debug the myths about the deadly Zika virus and how you can protect your family and community from it. 

Walmart Foundation Blog Tour Campaign:


The Walmart Foundation launched their corporate campaign of 'Empowering Women Together' with the hopes to build better lives for women and their families. The campaign is part of the company's global economic 5-year commitment through 2016. Fifty bloggers took part and shared their thoughts about the campaign. 


AWHONN Blog Tour Campaign:
Diaper need is an immediate concern in the United States. Mom It Forward and AWHONN are urging readers to show support for the campaign and make a difference. 

Galactive App Blog Tour Campaign:
What could be a better app than one that combines fitness and technology? Galactive motivates its users to engage in physical activities, while having fun. The more active you get, the more game access you gain.  


AVG Technologies Blog Tour Campaign:
This campaign was all about raising awareness about Internet safety and privacy. AVG Technologies promoted two of their products for the bloggers to review and discuss with their followers. The bloggers who participated were required to write a narrative review/ post of the products and promote on three social media platforms.


VTech Blog Tour Campaign:
Just in time for the holidays, VTech launched their '12 Days of Christmas' campaign that had bloggers write about how the 'Connect to Cell' technology is very useful especially for elderly family members. By the end of the campaign, blog posts and social media promotions received a tremendous amount of visits and views. 

KOA Blog Tour Campaign:
What could be a better way to get people to know about KOA campgrounds than having the participants stay at the place overnight? This campaign made it happen. Bloggers from the Mom It Forward network were chosen to participate in the event. Together with their families, they made happy memories that will last their lifetime.
Undercover Tourist Blog Tour Campaign:
Planning a fun and cost-effective family trip or want to know some awesome tips on how to plan your trip? Mom It Forward partnered with Undercover Tourist to spread awareness about the brand's ticket offerings. The bloggers who participated in the campaign had a total of 623,060 UVMs per Google Analytics and a reach of 460,575 reach across social media platforms.

3M Filtrete Blog Tour Campaign:


This campaign was all about having women women take charge of switching out their filters to show other mom bloggers how simple the process is. This campaign wanted to show women how simple it is for them to do this task themselves. In order to accomplish this task, bloggers were sent product and wrote two posts that focused on different topics. Through blog posts and social media promotions, bloggers were able to create brand awareness, as well as share their stories.


Marpac Blog Tour Campaign:


The Marpac campaign was staggered over the course of a few months. The first 30 blog tour participants published during the early months of the campaign and had a slight holiday angle, either based on gift giving or sleep trouble due to holiday stress, travel or festivities. The remaining 20 published their posts during the second half of the campaign and focused on starting the new year on the right foot by developing a healthy sleep routine for themselves and their babies. All bloggers were required to promote the blog post on social media at least twice.


Mattress Firm Blog Tour Campaign:
The goal of the blog tour with Mattress Firm was to raise awareness about the woes of pregnancy. Mom bloggers who participated in the campaign and the giveaway contest were excited to share their stories and post photos. 






Regions Bank (Holiday Savings) Blog Tour:
As December nears, it is the perfect time to start mapping out your shopping strategy. You can establish a benchmark based on your income,  or create a holiday savings account that you'll fund regularly. And remember: always purchase items within your budget. 








Hillshire Brands and Safeway Blog Tour Campaign:
To promote awareness of Hillshire Brands and Safeway, 89 bloggers from the Mom It Forward blogger network participated for the campaign. The participants were given coupons to purchase an assigned Hillshire product and discuss their experience about the product/s and the meals they prepared. The positive feedbacks proved the success of this blog tour. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 
Jimmy Dean Blog Tour Campaign:
This campaign enlisted the help of 10 bloggers to sample and review Jimmy Dean varieties. The food bloggers were pleased with the products, they made sure to let their readers know via social media promotions.  The reviews/ posts for this campaign were staggered between June and July.  Click here to learn more about the campaign. 








Alpha-Bits Blog Tour Campaign:


Not only were bloggers required to write and publish one blog post, but they also had to make sure that the blog post was on the topic of holiday or fall-themed snacks or activities using Alpha-Bits, including a minimum of one pinnable image. The bloggers let their creativity flow which resulted in massive buzz on social media. Click here to learn more about the campaign.


Barilla Blog Tour Campaign:
Five bloggers were chosen from the Mom It Forward network to spread the word about Barilla Lasagna varieties and incorporate a holiday-theme into the posts. The blog tour was amplified by social media promotions and resulted to more than 4,000 blog post visits.


Kraft Anything Dressing Blog Tour Campaign:
Kraft's 'Let's Get Zesty' campaign enlisted the help of forty bloggers. Sponsored blog posts that featured recipes and kitchen tips received more than 35K visits. 


Smucker's Natural Blog Tour Campaign: 
Smuckers is a staple name when we're talking of spreads. This organic variety is definitely a go-to product for those on diet, and those who simply enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Ten blog posts were published for this blog tour in support of their theme, 'Spread A Little Sunshine.' 




Colgate Blog Tour:
Colgate not only wanted to spread the word about their product, but also promote Diabetes Awareness Month. The bloggers were required to publish one blog post, promote the post via social media, and pin an infographic about Diabetes Awareness Month. 


Pepcid Blog Tour (2015):
Mom It Forward and Pepcid collaborated to promote heartburn relief products. The brand boasts that their products have longer lasting effects, more fast-acting and taste better. Participants took to their blogs to share their experience with Pepcid. 

Pepcid Blog Tour (2016):

For a more health-conscious 2016, Celebrating Local Eats campaign was launched through the joint effort of Mom It Forward and Pepcid. The drive enlisted the help of 9 food lovers who personally suffered heartburn while indulging in a mouthwatering dish. The campaign empowers local tastemakers to explore their local food scene without the fear of heartburn. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 


Wet Ones and Six Flags 2015 Blog Tour:
Say no more to  not having clean hands on a special moment! Mom It Forward partnered with Wet Ones to ensure fun will not be stopped and the little ones are protected from harmful bacterias. The bloggers who participated in the campaign had a total of 2,523,573 UVMs per Google Analytics and a reach of 1,055,551 reach across social media platforms. One lucky giveaway winner won four tickets to Six Flags of her choice. 

Wet Ones and Six Flags 2016 Blog Tour:

Summer time and amusement parks are great combinations for the entire family. With the help of 5 bloggers from the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, Mom It Forward collaborated with Wet Ones to spread the word about "The Wet Ones Six Flags Kid's Ticket Offer". The bloggers who participated in the campaign had a total of 3,315,988 UVMs per Google Analytics and a reach of 4,154,551 reach across social media platforms. Click here to learn more about the campaign.

Activia Blog Tour:
Activia promoted their products by encouraging bloggers and readers alike to take on the #ActiviaChallenge. Blog posts, social media promotions and the giveaways created so much online buzz, proving the success of the campaign.

Balanced Body 2016 Blog Tour + Affiliate Marketing Campaign:

Busy moms can finally stay fit and healthy right at the comfort of their homes. The MOTR device is a complete home gym designed for strength training, balance, agility, cardio, mind-body coordination and core - then stow in a closet when you are done. Click here to learn more about the campaign.

Invisalign Blog Tour:
Study indicates that the alignment of teeth is a catalyst for assumptions regarding success, popularity, intelligence and general health. Mom It Forward partnered with Invisalign with series of live events to promote What Makes You Smile drive which aims to address orthodontic issues in our kids and later on will help them to be more confident and get that natural smile. 



PetArmor Spring Blog Tour Campaign:
Just in time for tick and flea season, PetArmor and Mom It Forward collaborated to have bloggers promote their anti-tick and flea product. Blog posts for this campaign were filled with product information and genuine reviews from the bloggers. Click here to learn more about the campaign. Blog Tour Campaign:


Pets are part of the family. And when it comes to having other people watch them, it's natural to feel worried. With Rover, pet owners do not have to worry about anything. They offer dog boarding services while you're away, keep you updated with photos, and offers genuine loving care. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 





MARVEL Blog Tour:
There's nothing quite like getting a toy product in the hands of kids. Through this partnership, 50 bloggers participated in a review blog tour. The photos of the kids playing with the product were priceless and added to the success of the campaign. 




Do you represent a toy brand? If so, why not get the toy in the hands of a social media influencer's child? This campaign did just that. Bloggers from across the country received the toy and captured the joy and happiness that the toy brought out in their child. Through blog posts, photos, and social media promotions, the buzz for this campaign and product was incredible. Click here to learn more about the campaign. 


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