Do you want bloggers to be ambassadors for your product?

If the answer is "yes," then having enlisting bloggers as ambassadors is a great route for success. Whether you want one bloggers or many bloggers,  we will work with you to create a game plan. As soon as all of the details are squared away, we'll draft a contract, create a project schedule, and supply you with blogger research so that you can ensure that the right bloggers are part of the campaign.

Once the bloggers have been approved, we'll create a communication plan to ensure that the bloggers have all of the campaign information and images that they need in order to fulfill their requirements. We will manage all of the communication with the bloggers, visit the blog posts to make sure that all of the posts include the correct information, collect giveaway winners' shipping information (if applicable), send the bloggers a survey at the end of every campaign to collect all sorts of campaign information and details, and keep you updated on all of the communication with the master project schedule. Our main goal will be to keep you and the bloggers happy.

We would love to share pricing information on this site but, since every blog tour is unique in its own way, we would love to listen to your goals, brainstorm with you, and develop an ambassador campaign that will help you achieve success.



Ambassador Campaigns:

Examples of Past Ambassador Campaigns:

Bounce Ambassador Campaign:

Instead of the typical review campaign, this campaign took a different approach on how to get people to talk about Bounce dryer sheets. Seven bloggers wrote three posts each and the posts were dedicated to a different theme, all of which discussed how to #BounceBack from life's hiccups. From social media activity to Vines, this campaign generated a lot of buzz and was extremely "feel good" since bloggers and readers shared #BounceBack stories. 


Shutterfly Home Decor Ambassador Program:


In order to help spread the word about the Shutterfly Home Decor line, three influential craft bloggers from the Mom It Forward Blogger Network served as Shutterfly Ambassadors over the course of seven months. Through blog posts, projects, and social media promotions, the bloggers help build awareness and get people excited about the product line.



Cans Get You Cooking Ambassador Campaign:

In order to get the word out about the benefits of cooking with canned foods, Cans Get You Cooking looked to Mom It Forward's Blogger Network to help spread the word. As a result, 80 bloggers/Canbassadors published a post that included a recipe, along with "Cantry" tips. The bloggers promoted the posts via social media and also placed a button on their site.


Miracle Whip Ambassador Campaign:


Mom It Forward enlisted the help of 20 bloggers for this campaign. Each of these bloggers featured recipes in their posts and promoted by using the designated campaign #ProudOfIt hashtag. Blog posts and social media promotions were able to generate a lot of buzz about the recipes and the product, as well. 

Please contact us so that we can get the ball rolling.